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The goal of this wiki is to share/publish software project ideas that anybody can implement. However, the intended focus group is college students. It is difficult for a college student to come up with good project idea because they lack the necessary experience. So they tend to undertake projects which are not really useful to anybody in real life. In other words, most college projects are basically throw away projects which are only undertaken to satisfy the academic requirements.

Imagine total number of college students in a country like India, all wasting their precious energies on throw away projects! Isn't this is a huge waste of human capital? We believe there is a lot of people out there who have lot of good ideas on software projects that can be really useful for a lot of people. They have the idea but are unable to implement them due to lack of resources. Hopefully this platform will help in connecting the good ideas to the right people who can implement them.

Please feel free to publish your project ideas in this wiki. You can create a new child page and describe the project idea in details and then link the page to this main page.

General Guidelines

  • Project Description: Create a new wiki page and specify the project requirements. Specify the perceived benefits/usefulness that people can derive from the project
  • Your Background: Specify your back ground and contact details so that people who are interested in implementing your idea can get in touch with you
  • Spread the Word: This is a community initiative. Let other people know about this wiki

Generic Project Ideas

  • Implement new features/enhancements to an existing open source project. Browse open source projects at Sourceforge and Google Code
  • Open source tools generally lack good user interfaces. Adopt an open source project and revamp the user interface to make it more usable and appealing to the users. This will help you get an in-depth understanding of usability/user experience design.
  • Start a new open source project from scratch
  • Develop documentation/training materials/usage guidelines on an existing open source project
  • Analysis Project: Compare similar tools already available and publish a report comparing their features. This will help users select the right tool for their needs.

Before You Start A New Project

  • Do a Google Search to ensure that somebody has not already done something similar. If you find an existing open source project that implements the same (or similar) idea, you might consider joining the existing project. It is no use reinventing the wheel!
  • If you are already aware of an open source project that somebody started but abandoned mid way and you would like somebody to continue its development, you can publish it here.
  • A project idea need not always be something complex or hard to implement. Think like Twitter. How simple it is and yet how useful!
  • A project need not always involve programming. A project might involve something as simple a project report comparing commercial word processors to open source ones.

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